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Board of Governors


2024 Board of Governors

Butler, Sean
Peperak, Justin
Corl, Dean
Petree, Brandon
Cummings, Lisa
Pickett, Ben
Dallman, Brad
Poole, Audrey
Deggeller, Andy
Pope, Petrina
Doolan, Michael 
Porter, Trampas
Francowski, Joe
Pugh, Beau
Hanschen, Andrew
Sandlofer, Benna
Hauser, Wendy
Schoendienst, Andrew
Jackson, Joe
Sheridan, Patrick
Jamieson, Corrie
Shugart, Annie
Janas, Tiffany
Skurow, Jason
Moyers, Larry
Swartz, Holly
Muller, Wade
Tobias, George
Pegg, Steve
Whitfield, John


Marc Janas
Mary Chris Smith
Patrick Jamieson
Andy Schoendienst
Bob Thorson
Guy Leavitt

The Showmen's League

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